St. Patrick’s Day Parade (2015)

St. Patrick’s Day is the most Irish celebrated day. It is a  cultural religious celebration which attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. It celebrated on the 17th of March, that is the death date of the foremost patron of Ireland Saint Patrick. On this day it is customary to wear green and Shamrocks. (Shamrock is a three-leaved clover which is said to have used by Ireland’s Patron Saint Patrick as a metaphor for the Christian Trinity). 

On this day people celebrate by going to the parade then go out for drinks and have fun.

“This was my third year of celebrating St. Paddy’s in Ireland.I always end the day with a pint of Guinness which is an Irish stout.” Tshepho

I celebrated St.Paddy’s for the first time back in 2013, so this is my third year as well, first time in US and since last year in Ireland it it really awesome to celebrate it in its land where it originates.” Tshephiso

Tshepho Dithebe

Enjoyed the parade and could’t resist taking pictures of myself.

Tshephiso Dithebe

Tried to blend in with the green coat lol!! I must say I had great fun.

Tshepho and Tshephiso Dithebe

Great entertainment by the band, boy they were so good!!

Tshepho and Tshephiso Dithebe

So beautiful and colourful. Loving it!

Tshepho and Tshephiso Dithebe

Say cheeeeese…!! Its selfie time!!

Tshepho and Tshephiso Dithebe

One of the group that took part in the parade, love their perfprmance.

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