Baby Steps; finally we made it!!

It may be “just a dream” to many but to us it is a great achievement. It is a DREAM turned to REALITY!!

Tshepho & Tshephiso Dithebe3


They say if you never follow your dreams you will never catch them, we we must say we are there. Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell had always been our inspiration growing up, modelling had always been what we want to take as our career but its been a long journey until this year. If you persevere eventually everything becomes a success, and the benefit of travelling the world had given us an opportunity to meet people who understand and believe in us. We recently did an editorial for Mexxy jewelry with the good work of Amanda Rodrigues as the photographer and Olivia Ann as the make up artist.

Tshnepho & Tshephiso Dithebe 2    Tshepho & Tshephiso Dithebe

This is the baby steps to great things, finally achieved what we have always dreamed of and more opportunities opening up for us. Its all in God’s timing.

Tshepho & Tshephiso Dithebe 1        Tshepho & Tshephiso Dithebe 4


Photography : Amanda Rodrigous

Make up & Costume : Olivia Ann

Jewelry : Mexxy

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