Life is a roller coaster

Life is a journey where we go through the good and the bad. On our daily journey we make new friends who later turn to be like family to us, we get new opportunities that can better our lives, and that is one of the most great things we all want in life, to live happily with no obstacles. What is life without obstacles?! along our life journey we  loose a friend, family member, we go through though times, we have doors shut on our faces but that does not mean we have to sit down and say things are not working out for us. All these are just a learning experience to our life journey, of which they build and mould us to be who we are, being the strongest persons we are now and being able to tackle any obstacle that is ahead of us. We have learnt to appreciate life and be grateful to any obstacle that has strengthened us to face any life challenge fearless and emerge winners.

Tshepho & Tshephiso Dithebe 2      Tshepho & Tshephiso Dithebe 1

Raise by the most hard working and God fearing parents, and having the most supporting siblings this helps us to go for what we believe in because they are always there to support and advise at all times. Giving up is never our thing, if it does not work the first time we get up and try again. We are grateful for the love and support we receive everyday, though we may be away from home and don’t get to see them everyday the love they give is amazing and we are very much grateful for that.

Like everyone else we have had our fair share of ups and downs in our life but we cannot look down and say it is not fair, or it will never work out for us. We were thought to keep our heads up go for our dreams and turn them to reality. It is a though ride now but we believe eventually all things will come to place, its all in believing in our abilities and working hard.

Tshepho & Tshephiso Dithebe 3   Tshepho & Tshephiso Dithebe


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    Life is a roller coaster in deed, we need not to dive up and keep pushing for what we believe in and work hard. Nice one ladies.
    We hope this inspires a lot of youngsters that giving up is the option and know that all the struggles are just a lesson to life. Cheers!!

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