Happy 49th Independence Botswana

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This is the date that marks history to the formerly known  Bechuanaland as they gained their Independence from the British in 1966. Now known as Botswana, this day is celebrated (30th September) nation wide. Botswana is a developing country, and since its independence it became a democratic country.

Tshepho and Tshephiso Dithebe 2

People travel from Cities or their working places to their home villages to celebrate with their families.There are always party events going on all around the nation where people can go and commemorate this day, as for the elderly people they often celebrate the day at the kgotla. At the Kgotla traditional food is always prepared and there is traditional music and they reflect on how the country has grown since independence. The day is celebrated in all countries where there are Batswana nations, it’s either organised by the Botswana Embassy or the nationals themselves if it is where there is no Embassy.

We wish all Batswana a HAPPY 49th INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

Tshepho and Tshephiso Dithebe 1


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