Unlock happiness?! Yes it is not that hard to unlock secrets to a happy life. If you think happiness  cannot be attainable, well it is not  far out of reach as you may think.

We are now living in a world where people’s happiness rely on material stuff and on another individuals. No one holds the key to your happiness, it is your responsibility and your choice.

Here are some of our five ways in which you can UNLOCK HAPPINESS.

  1. LEARN SOMETHING NEW – You do not have to be learning about your job only, open your mind to new things. Join a class, it can be dancing, cooking, sport or music something of your interest that will get you excited and make you looking forward to it all the time.
  2. BE THE HOST – There is nothing as interesting as being surrounded by great company. If next time you are wondering how to spend your weekend, how about inviting your friends over for a chat, play board games, have a few drinks or do challenges. This will get you energized and ready to take on a new week.DithebeTwins (2)
  3. GIVE BACK – Create time and volunteer at some homeless shelters, refugee camps and donate clothes. Putting a smile on some’s face gives nothing but some level of satisfaction.
  4. FIND SOME INTERESTING PEOPLE – Go out and mingle with people, go shopping, clubbing, walks at the park you may pump onto someone interesting have a chat and enjoy the moment.

    Hanging with lovely people. Beautiful night it was.

  5. DO NOT TAKE THINGS TOO SERIOUS – Stop being so uptight, loosen up!! Laughter is the best medicine, do not let little things let you down. Of course if I spill tea on your favorite pair of jeans you will go bananas but do not let anger spoil the moment, laugh about it, giggle. Turn anger into a great laugh.

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