It all can change at ‘HELLO’

By Tshepho Dithebe


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It all can change at ‘HELLO’. On our everyday life we meet different people, some are there to stay, some are passing by and they can change your perception about life in a matter of minutes you met.

Saturday 23, I went out for a couple of drinks with a friend, beautiful night it was. It was cool, calm, had a great chat. We decided to liven it up a little bit and we moved to another place, more friends, loud music and lots of laughter. My legs started complaining, I sat down to let them ease a bit while buddies were busy chatting and drinking, well I didn’t drink  much that night.

As I sat down, there was this man right in front of me, he looked at me. I just played with my phone key pads, I looked up and there he was still looking at me. So I thought I break the ice and said ‘HELLO’, as we shook hands I got intrigued by the tattoo on his right fingers, which read ‘HATE’, and that was the conversation starter. Why you tattooed yourself HATE I asked him. He looked at me for a little while and said ‘I don’t know why I am going to tell you this story but…he started narrating his story. ‘My mom was abducted by men and sexually abused every day. I was conceived in that manner and I hate men who put my mom through the hurt and pain. Even as I speak right now I don’t know who my biological father is’.

I was deeply touched by his story and the first thing I said to him was, ‘you do not have to hate them. I understand it is hard and you feel the pain your mom went through, I am sorry to hear all that. Having tattooed yourself that is a constant reminder of what went on in the past; this makes it hard for you to move forward. Yes, it is a sad story which is a part of your life of which you will always remember but you need to forgive and let go’.

I asked him, ‘didn’t your mom raise you with LOVE’?  And then he went on to tell me, ‘my mom raised me with love, she wanted the best for me in life’. He then showed me his left hand which was tattooed LOVE, and he said ‘I love my mom’. I said to him that’s what you should cherish and keep in mind, what happened to your mom was sad but you should forgive and let go. Free your mind from HATE and LOVE those who love you. After our conversation he said to me, I just literally sobered.

**Sometimes things that happened in the past are hard to let go, we should try to forgive and make peace with it and enjoy the beauty of life. Let’s love one another and cherish each moment we share. I may have touched that man’s life in a way but I know he has touched mine by sharing his story with me.

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