You can never know the beauty of giving unless done wholeheartedly.

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As kids we grow attachments to our stuff and we never want to let them go unless they are damaged or worn out.  Growing up our mom used to encourage us to give away stuff that did not fit us anymore, but us being kids we would refuse because we still valued and loved them. Mama would just give them away anyway and we would be sad about it. It is until we were in our 20’s when we understood the impact of giving has on someone else’s live and ours as well. When we reflect to the days as kids and picture the smiles those kids had on their faces it made us realise the good our mom did. We had since started giving and it is with thanks to mom for making us realise that little things and acts can make a great impact on others

It is important to give and not expect anything in return, give because it comes from the heart it helps you grow as an individual. Things may not be going well on your side but there are people faced with tougher challenges than you face, the little that you have that you do not use, do not withhold it to whom it is due.  Do not offer bad and cheap things, that’s dumping. Well they say another man’s trash is another man’s treasure but give things that of value. They may be unwanted but they must be of value. Giving is such a beautiful thing knowing that you have put a smile on someone’s face and doing it not for recognition or popularity but because you want to help and change someone’s life.

We hope you all decide to take action and start giving and make a lot of people happy.  Enourage your little ones and start them early.

DithebeTwins85 ❤❤💕

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