For most people forgiveness is difficult to comprehend, they do not understand the good it does for them. Learning to forgive yourself and those  that have wronged you  free you from  bitterness, pain and damaged  pride, anger and resentment. Once you forgive, you become comfortable in each other’s  presence and be at peace.


I’ve had an experience where someone was so angry at me for they did not like it when I voiced my opinion, and that most of the people liked them and sided with me. The saddest part was that I got angry as well to a point where their presence suffocated me. I realised that it was killing me inside, and it was not helping me in anyway but consuming me. I let go and moved forward, there was a feeling of relieve like a heavy load was off lifted  from my shoulders. As for them, months and months went by with no hello or nothing at all, they would look away or down or go a different route when we crossed pass. That did not bother me as I had no problem with them. Just a month ago they came to me, presented me with a gift. I was confused, did not want to accept it.  They said to me “PLEASE ACCEPT IT” nothing much was said except that. My jaw dropped, I starred at them,and something told me if you don’t accept it then you have problems with them and you have not forgiven the way they treated you. I accepted the gift. Since that day they can now smile at me, say hello and even have a chat. All is back to normal and we are okay with each other.

                                                                                                By Tshephiso

This showed me how much holding grudges and pain can damage you, drain the life out of you but FORGIVENESS has the power to make your life happy, free from pain and bitterness.It is important to let go of pain, grudges, forgive yourself and and those that did wrong to you. FORGIVENESS DOES MORE GOOD TO YOU THAN THE OTHER PERSON. Learn to find forgiveness in your heart it increases self esteem, confidence and well-being.

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