Our Little bubble


Dublin City Center

Its an exciting, happy atmosphere surrounding us, never thought this could be as exciting as its beginning to be. The weather is so mild, not bad for a walk in the park or an outdoor activity. The city of Dublin is so quiet and calm in the late mornings, only  a small crowd as many are busy in their offices working away, and its the best day to go out and run a few errands and enjoy a little time out of the house.

Its the time to do a bit of shopping for our up coming project, it is exciting to shop around and put one or two items together. For fashion lovers like us its a satisfying moment to be able to get stuffs at reasonable prices. It takes the patience and creativity to be able to go home with nice items with you, for us at times it can be a different story, two ladies with different creatives minds, shopping together is often a challenge, we are like cat and dog. We never agree on anything at the get go. With so many shops around the city, it becomes challenging when you go out with no idea of what you want. Today’s shopping spree was well planned, had ideas of what exactly we wanted and having compared prices of shops it became an easy task.


13941059_1447307058629500_328755374_nHaving been introduced to the world of blogging in 2012, it has always been one post once in a while as we have been busy getting our Degrees and working, juggling the three hasn’t been really that easy. Lately we have been trying to create more time to blogging. It is starting to get exciting, for we love this we are looking forward to an exciting journey.

Many do not get it, they think blogging you somehow have to be endorsed or partnered with some company but no, its all about sharing your experiences, knowledge and documenting your activities with the world.You do not have to be a good writer to write a blog but it has to be captivating to the reader, our little world is beginning to get even more exciting. PLEASE WORLD DON’T POP OUR BUBBLE.



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