Dublin Living Waters 6th Anniversary

It is always great to be in the house of the Lord, this weekend was such an honor to be part of Living Waters 6th anniversary in Dublin Ireland.


Great celebration it was, three days in a row! Yeah that’s right  three days of nothing but worshiping, dinning and education as well. The theme color for the celebration was white and royal blue, dressed during the Sunday service which are the colours of the church.

The celebration kicked off on Friday 28th October with Marriage seminar where singles and married couples attended with great teachings by Wellington Wale (Mr Secretary). Dinner…dinner…dinner, was on the second day  (Friday 29th) of which we missed, sad😭😢.

Sunday 30th, the last day of the celebration where we all gather in the house of the Lord to worship him. It was nothing but a powerful service, graced by the presence of Reverend Gombe from United Kingdom. Brother Ken G gave the giving exhortation and hey Sunday school gave a great performance with their songs and verses (with mentorship from Nelly and Melissa), Christ’d Up was also there to grace the event. Some parts of the events were live streamed on Bishop’s Facebook account and it was also live on Power Global Radio (www.powerglobalradio.com).

                                                  Pic Credit: Bishop’s Facebook Account

The most beautiful moment for us was meeting the first lady herself from United States of America, amazing!!

You can visit us at Living Waters every Sunday 10:30- 13:00 and every Wednesdays 6 pm. Located in Dublin 21 Hill Street under the leadership of Pastor Shanks Kaunda.






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