dithebetwins85-bigbenOh 2016, what a year it was! It started on a rough patch and ended on a high note. Now we are onto the Year New, new hopes, and new challenges. There is nothing as beautiful and fulfilling as having God in your life, he has been our strength, pillar, and guider. Glory to the man above, for His Mercy and Grace.

Reflecting back to the year, there were moments when we felt like we would never make it, got all angry and sad, and overlooking the endless blessings that came along the way. Those moments humbled us and we are thankful for the experience. Through determination and perseverance we pressed towards achieving our goal. Finishing our course graduating was one of our main goals of 2016. It wasn’t an easy race but finally made it to the finishing line, well not really the finishing line, for 2016 yes. This to us is the stepping stone to greater things in the future. In every race there are obstacles along the way, and not many people would cheer for you or pick you when you fall. When the road got tough we had moments where we knocked on doors, some of which we never thought we ever would, but bang! most doors got shut right on our faces. We did not let that discourage us rather used it as a motivator to build us to become better persons. The main focus was to win the race of which we finally did.



We have learnt never to easily give up. Keep the focus, put GOD first and work hard for when the storm calms there is a rainbow, ride through no matter how hard it can be. As graduating was one of the main highlights of the year, we got a chance to treat ourselves to a trip to London. Oh Lord it was so surreal and didn’t want the moment to end. We visited some of London’s iconic tourist attraction places like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben.


We really…really…really appreciate all those who have been part of the race from the beginning till the end, our family for the love and support, our friends for being there and putting up with our craziness and moods. Thanks to our Bishop for the teachings and preaching, they helped us pull through.Thanks to Amanda for always capturing our best moments, you can see most of her work here.


DithebeTwins85 ❤❤💋


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