Styling for special occasions is one of our obsessions, and we have the love for simplicity and elegant clean looks. Nothing that hurts the eyes.
Even though we wear pants in most ossasions, there is nothing beautiful than investing in a pretty skirt.

Skirts are a clever buy as there are many ways you can style them to achieve different looks. We fell in love with the pleated skirts the very first time we laid our eyes on them, we couldn’t get our eyes off them. Like any fashionista we thought why not buy 3 each. That’s months and months ago. Fall season is time for longer skirts, jumpers and put on a few layers, so we thought why not pull one of the pleatted skirts as it will be pretty cool and and trendy. Yes we achieved it, the cool look. The looks were for Sunday service and not for any special event, just a normal Sunday.

IMG-20171106-WA0008Elegant and clean cut for one colour outfit is  perfect for any special occasion or girls day out, it is not loud . All dusty pink look 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Details : *Skirt @Beshka  ,*Coat @Forever21, *Top and*Shoes @Primark



Nice and simple look. This look can also look casual when put together with sneakers. The green skirt and with Mickey T-Shirt gives the outfit an edge and makes the look glow. Beautiful 🍁🔥.

Detail : *Skirt @Beshka, *T-Shirt and *Shoes @Primark

All the photos were taken at Mountjoy Square Park, Dublin Ireland.

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