“The closeness that twins experience is unique. Growing up in the same family, and the same age, they are in a unique position to share perspectives in life. On the other hand, many twins experience a need for space. They may find their relationship stifling. Depending on their personalities they may be the best of friends or enemies. Their closeness having the potential to both them together or separate them as far as possible from each other.”

Tshepho & Tshephiso Dithebe 1
Editorial shoot at Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland

Welcome to our world as we share our experience of growing up together and been apart for the first time in so many years, its been fun, exciting, sad and all feelings involved. enjoy this ride with us!


…we are the youngest of family born 9. We always say growing up together is a blessing to us, we are not just sisters but instant friends. We grew up in a small village Serowe in Botswana Africa.  Spent most of our childhood together.


…parting wasn’t an easy transition for us I mean growing up together, being together most of the time and having to go separate ways was hard. It was sad, confusing, there were mixed emotions involved as Tshephiso moved to USA and Tshepho to Ireland.(2012) We embraced the change and it helped us to grow as individuals, built our strength. We were so grateful that this came at a point at which we were mature ladies and we were able to stand on our own feet and face any difficulties and challenges we may faced.

We love you 💕❤❤


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