Our Little bubble

Dublin City Center

Its an exciting, happy atmosphere surrounding us, never thought this could be as exciting as its beginning to be. The weather is so mild, not bad for a walk in the park or an outdoor activity. The city of Dublin is so quiet and calm in the late mornings, only  a small crowd as many are busy in their offices working away, and its the best day to go out and run a few errands and enjoy a little time out of the house.

Its the time to do a bit of shopping for our up coming project, it is exciting to shop around and put one or two items together. For fashion lovers like us its a satisfying moment to be able to get stuffs at reasonable prices. It takes the patience and creativity to be able to go home with nice items with you, for us at times it can be a different story, two ladies with different creatives minds, shopping together is often a challenge, we are like cat and dog. We never agree on anything at the get go. With so many shops around the city, it becomes challenging when you go out with no idea of what you want. Today’s shopping spree was well planned, had ideas of what exactly we wanted and having compared prices of shops it became an easy task.


13941059_1447307058629500_328755374_nHaving been introduced to the world of blogging in 2012, it has always been one post once in a while as we have been busy getting our Degrees and working, juggling the three hasn’t been really that easy. Lately we have been trying to create more time to blogging. It is starting to get exciting, for we love this we are looking forward to an exciting journey.

Many do not get it, they think blogging you somehow have to be endorsed or partnered with some company but no, its all about sharing your experiences, knowledge and documenting your activities with the world.You do not have to be a good writer to write a blog but it has to be captivating to the reader, our little world is beginning to get even more exciting. PLEASE WORLD DON’T POP OUR BUBBLE.



Dear 30


Boy we feel good! Actually we feel better than good. It’s been a great journey so far, with a few broken moment. Thank you for a beautiful year you have been, you have taught us to accept and love who we are and our flaws, for not everything in life is perfect. Its been a splendid year for us, managed to achieve a lot of what we planed for.

FLASHBACK  message- 15/08/15

We are forever grateful for the lessons learnt in the year, and to everyone who’s been part of our third decade in this Universe, we are so humbled by the love they continue to usher us with.

Tshepho’s 2015 birthday message to Tshephiso


I thank God for this awesome being. She is loving, caring, bubbly, crazy, annoying, ooh yes she is my sister. Oops!! TWIN SISTER. I love you more than anything in this world, I am grateful to have you in my life, always making sure I am great at all times.🎊😍

And yes my family takes the crown 👑for raising us. I may give you presents but they will never be enough as compared to the present you are to me. I love you girl. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY😍🍹💃


Tshephiso’s 2015 message Tshepho


Happy birthday to this annoying being, my lovely twin 🎂🎊👫. We have our fights, we have our moments but nothing beats the love we share.💞💞 I don’t have to find my everything we came in this world together😜🙈. We share everything and you cannot tell me anything about her😱😂. I am thankful to God for giving me an instant friend.💃💃I wish you the best in everything as you begin another chapter of your life journey. I love you and I am grateful for the love our family usher us with and for always being there. Happy 30th!!

THANK YOU 30!! Looking forward to a new chapter.




At any given chance we make the most of the time together, had the best time attending Bray Air Display Saturday 23rd. Its one of Ireland’s free air display, there were many different high speed formations displayed on air. Breathtaking event, security was high, people on good form and it was the best time to go out and have good time.

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13632830_1423628004330739_269381531_oLOVE ONE SELF ❤💋

Sometimes in life we get caught up in chasing our dreams, building our careers and forget to give time to ourselves. This year has been a hectic one between college and work and had little time to ourselves.  So we thought we give ourselves time and go out for cocktails with a friend, we owe it to ourselves hey! A little time to oneself refreshes and the mind body and soul. Had a great time.

Girls just wanna have FUN!! 🙌🙆💃💃

DithebeTwins85 ❤❤

Never seek validation from others


Sometimes we find ourselves spending time seeking approval from others, believe you me it is a waste of time. It is not everyone who will give their honest opinion. The desire to be successful should motivate you to make the right choices.

Can you relate to this?

Making choices to avoid criticism or disapproval rather than what is important and valuable to you? Hiding your true self? Holding back from voicing your opinion? Well, it is possible to change all that. Let go of seeking approval from others, be honest to yourself and be committed to your work, believe in your abilities, have a sense of self-acceptance and go for what makes you feel good about you.

We often loose on opportunities because we want approval, never seek validation from others. Listen to your inner voice and go for what you believe in, not everyone has your best interest at heart.

DithebeTwins85 ☺❤



The Benefits Of Travelling While Still Young

When in  our youthful years it is the time when we discover ourselves and the career path we want to venture into in the future. It is important that we travel at this time as the experience we gain can be of great benefit in your life time. We would encourage you to travel and use the freedom of your youth and explore the world before settling for a career or building families.


Visiting/travelling to foreign countries help one become open minded and build confidence. One tend to be curious and be inquisitive about all the new new things they come across. Learning unfamiliar and uncommon things, how they are done in a foreign country for example transport and cashier services, these may seem little to some but big to travelers as they may be new to them. People asks a lot of questions that for some might find them silly but they can help break any limitation and challenges one is facing as a traveler. For some travelling help us build confidence and break out of our comfort zones and we learn to do things on our own, away from families and the community that we grew up in and comfortable with.


We meet people from different countries, different continents when we travel and we become friends, this build our network as you will now have connections from different countries. In this way we can use these connections to our advantage and travel further or do businesses. Travelling is good for networking.


There is nothing interesting like learning something new. When we travel we learn different cultures, so we tend to appreciate other people’s culture as we experience it  at first hand. It become more fun and educational when you become part of the cultural activities held.


If you are a first time traveler it can be challenging, and hey its worth it I am telling you. You feel proud of yourself after overcoming those challenges. It is an EXPERIENCE, we learn from it. Travelling brings out the best in you and you get to know the things you did not know about yourself, and surprise yourself. You become more ADVENTUROUS and a great explorer.


Meet people to create memories, Yes! one day you will look back with a huge smile on your face and be like, ooh Yes! I did it. Have fun and enjoy every moment of it hey, FUN we mean good fun haha!!. You live once, so yes EXPLORE. This universe is for you to explore, lets travel, use every opportunity coming your way and live life.



For most people forgiveness is difficult to comprehend, they do not understand the good it does for them. Learning to forgive yourself and those  that have wronged you  free you from  bitterness, pain and damaged  pride, anger and resentment. Once you forgive, you become comfortable in each other’s  presence and be at peace.


I’ve had an experience where someone was so angry at me for they did not like it when I voiced my opinion, and that most of the people liked them and sided with me. The saddest part was that I got angry as well to a point where their presence suffocated me. I realised that it was killing me inside, and it was not helping me in anyway but consuming me. I let go and moved forward, there was a feeling of relieve like a heavy load was off lifted  from my shoulders. As for them, months and months went by with no hello or nothing at all, they would look away or down or go a different route when we crossed pass. That did not bother me as I had no problem with them. Just a month ago they came to me, presented me with a gift. I was confused, did not want to accept it.  They said to me “PLEASE ACCEPT IT” nothing much was said except that. My jaw dropped, I starred at them,and something told me if you don’t accept it then you have problems with them and you have not forgiven the way they treated you. I accepted the gift. Since that day they can now smile at me, say hello and even have a chat. All is back to normal and we are okay with each other.

                                                                                                By Tshephiso

This showed me how much holding grudges and pain can damage you, drain the life out of you but FORGIVENESS has the power to make your life happy, free from pain and bitterness.It is important to let go of pain, grudges, forgive yourself and and those that did wrong to you. FORGIVENESS DOES MORE GOOD TO YOU THAN THE OTHER PERSON. Learn to find forgiveness in your heart it increases self esteem, confidence and well-being.

DithebeTwins85 💕❤💋



You can never know the beauty of giving unless done wholeheartedly.

DithebeTwins (3)


As kids we grow attachments to our stuff and we never want to let them go unless they are damaged or worn out.  Growing up our mom used to encourage us to give away stuff that did not fit us anymore, but us being kids we would refuse because we still valued and loved them. Mama would just give them away anyway and we would be sad about it. It is until we were in our 20’s when we understood the impact of giving has on someone else’s live and ours as well. When we reflect to the days as kids and picture the smiles those kids had on their faces it made us realise the good our mom did. We had since started giving and it is with thanks to mom for making us realise that little things and acts can make a great impact on others

It is important to give and not expect anything in return, give because it comes from the heart it helps you grow as an individual. Things may not be going well on your side but there are people faced with tougher challenges than you face, the little that you have that you do not use, do not withhold it to whom it is due.  Do not offer bad and cheap things, that’s dumping. Well they say another man’s trash is another man’s treasure but give things that of value. They may be unwanted but they must be of value. Giving is such a beautiful thing knowing that you have put a smile on someone’s face and doing it not for recognition or popularity but because you want to help and change someone’s life.

We hope you all decide to take action and start giving and make a lot of people happy.  Enourage your little ones and start them early.

DithebeTwins85 ❤❤💕

It all can change at ‘HELLO’

By Tshepho Dithebe

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It all can change at ‘HELLO’. On our everyday life we meet different people, some are there to stay, some are passing by and they can change your perception about life in a matter of minutes you met.

Saturday 23, I went out for a couple of drinks with a friend, beautiful night it was. It was cool, calm, had a great chat. We decided to liven it up a little bit and we moved to another place, more friends, loud music and lots of laughter. My legs started complaining, I sat down to let them ease a bit while buddies were busy chatting and drinking, well I didn’t drink  much that night.

As I sat down, there was this man right in front of me, he looked at me. I just played with my phone key pads, I looked up and there he was still looking at me. So I thought I break the ice and said ‘HELLO’, as we shook hands I got intrigued by the tattoo on his right fingers, which read ‘HATE’, and that was the conversation starter. Why you tattooed yourself HATE I asked him. He looked at me for a little while and said ‘I don’t know why I am going to tell you this story but…he started narrating his story. ‘My mom was abducted by men and sexually abused every day. I was conceived in that manner and I hate men who put my mom through the hurt and pain. Even as I speak right now I don’t know who my biological father is’.

I was deeply touched by his story and the first thing I said to him was, ‘you do not have to hate them. I understand it is hard and you feel the pain your mom went through, I am sorry to hear all that. Having tattooed yourself that is a constant reminder of what went on in the past; this makes it hard for you to move forward. Yes, it is a sad story which is a part of your life of which you will always remember but you need to forgive and let go’.

I asked him, ‘didn’t your mom raise you with LOVE’?  And then he went on to tell me, ‘my mom raised me with love, she wanted the best for me in life’. He then showed me his left hand which was tattooed LOVE, and he said ‘I love my mom’. I said to him that’s what you should cherish and keep in mind, what happened to your mom was sad but you should forgive and let go. Free your mind from HATE and LOVE those who love you. After our conversation he said to me, I just literally sobered.

**Sometimes things that happened in the past are hard to let go, we should try to forgive and make peace with it and enjoy the beauty of life. Let’s love one another and cherish each moment we share. I may have touched that man’s life in a way but I know he has touched mine by sharing his story with me.

DithebeTwins85 ❤❤💕